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Merging History and Fantasy in Sintra Sintra, is often called a fairytale village, and for one good reason. Aptly named after the moon goddess by the Moors, the place teems with castles and palaces that are so enchanting that they all seem to come straight from fantasy books. Its lush and exotic foliage also add to the bewitching ambiance of the place. It is indeed not surprising why so many people are enamored of the place. In fact, it has charmed the world’s greatest poets, conquerors, aristocrats and philosophers, making this fantasy-like village a genuinely historical place. Given its fantastical landscape, Sintra Portugal region was chosen a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the most imposing buildings to the most whimsical structures, Sintra proves how man-made development can also enhance nature’s beauty. The village’s ancient palaces and huge castles beautifully brought about gardens of local and exotic greenery – making this place one of the most truly magical must-sees in Portugal.





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